Two Page Resume 2019 Guide

When it comes to writing a modern two page resume 2019 has a few rules you’ll need to follow to make sure that you write an engaging and worthwhile account of your experiences. It can be difficult to write a good resume when it’s two pages long rather than one, so expert advice is required to ensure you meet with success.

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Two Page Resume Guidelines 2019

If you’re looking some advice on how to follow a top set of two page resume guidelines 2019 is the time to do it. The world of work is rapidly changing and threatens to leave behind those stuck in their ways and unwilling to adapt. Make sure you’re fully informed of the latest resume rules in your part of the world before you proceed with a two page effort.

Although the guidelines below merely constitute advice, you might as well consider them to be the cardinal rules of the two page resume genre. They have been shown to be vital to success of any extended resume format and you would do well to read through them and gain a greater understanding of whether such an approach is suitable for you.

The Rules of the Game

  • If you find that your single-sheet resume is jam-packed with all kinds of achievements, skills, experiences and more, it’s certainly time to start least thinking about adding an extra page. If you know that your prospective employer is going to use applicant tracking software rather than going through your resume personally, then a two page approach poses no problems at all. On the other hand, if you can’t display at least 10 years of experience per page, stick to one page.
  • If you have decided that you really do require two pages to paint a picture of your suitability for the job, make sure that you actually fill a whole two pages. If you end up with a half empty second page, you are better advised to alter the layout and formatting of your document so that it can fit on a single sheet. Additionally, make sure that you don’t include any fluff. Only genuinely useful information should be allowed to grace the pages of your resume
  • Make sure you don’t make the even worse mistake of letting one of your entries spill over from one page to the other. Cutting an important piece of information in half like this will ruin any effect you hoped it would have on your prospective employer’s opinion.

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Put Your Name to Good Use

You always want to make sure that your name is on your prospective employer’s tongue while they’re reading through your resume. Surprisingly, the inclusion of a duplicate contact information section on your second page poses more problems than it solves. Firstly, the more inattentive employers may assume that you have submitted two copies of a one-page resume. From an efficiency standpoint, a huge second contact information section is a waste of valuable space.

The solution to this conundrum is to include a footer with your contact details reprinted in a smaller font at the bottom of the second page. You can alert your reader to the existence of this footer by including one on the first page as well. Label it with the word “continued” or the phrase “please turn over” and you’ve simultaneously alerted the hiring manager to the existence of a second page that they might not have been expecting.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a two page resume 2019 clearly represents the culmination of all of your past achievements. It will be good like IT resume format 2018, or other CV where you shoul inlude a lot if needed info. It’s time to put all of your cards on the table and get the top level job you’ve always coveted. Use the expert advice in the paragraphs above and you’ll be putting yourself in the best possible position to impress your future employer.

Follow the example of resume writing geniuses and you’ll stand head and shoulders above the competition. Composing a two page resume 2019 style has never been easier.