Sample Resume for Administrative Assistant 2019: What to Write

Top Administrative Resume Samples to Get Good Writing Ideas

sample resume for administrative assistantBefore you decide to apply for jobs, you should be able to craft the perfect resumes. Resumes are designed for the sole purpose of identifying crucial points of your professional career in order for hiring managers to evaluate if you are perfect for the job. You can make use of free resources online such as a well written sample resume for administrative assistant as to get innovative ideas on how to make your resume stand out. The best thing about these administrative assistant resume samples is that it can provide you easy solutions towards solving common resume writing issues.

Writing Do’s and Don’ts from Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

Job applications are tough but if you have a flawlessly written resume, you can easily land best job offers. For those who have problems with writing their resumes, here are simple do’s and don’ts to ensure the excellence of your administrative assistant resume:


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    Do include all important information in your resume. Make sure to include your contact details in order for hiring managers to easily get in touch with you.

  2. Choose a good format and template for your resume. The appearance of your resume is equally vital as the relevance of its content.
  3. Make a list of which skills, achievements, trainings, awards and qualifications will get you better response from your audience.
  4. Use bullets to emphasize key details in your resume. It is crucial that your resume is easy to navigate and your audience will get immediate access to all information.
  5. Use action words and terminologies that are specific to administrative assistant; this will help you lure in the interest of hiring managers.
  6. Use sample resume for administrative assistant as it can offer you great writing tips and guide to guarantee the quality of your resume.


  1. Do not submit a resume that is generic; this will come off as unprofessional and unimaginative on your part.
  2. sample resume for administrative assistant 2017The main purpose of your resume is to make a good first impression so avoid any form of mistakes. Proofread and edit properly as to eliminate errors in content and overall structure.
  3. Do not simply list ALL your experiences and skills. Select only those that are relevant to the position you wish to apply.
  4. Never crowd your resume. Limit your resume to one or two pages. Hiring managers will most likely just scan through resumes so make every word count.
  5. Do not simply write one resume for all job applications. A good resume is a customized resume. By tailoring your resume, you can effectively establish a link to your hiring managers which will maximize the success of your application.
  6. Avoid using improper design for your resume. Consider the overall look of your resume by paying attention to its structure, template, layout, and format.

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