For Those Who Wanna Have a Winning CV

Unprofessional emails and including hobbies in your CV won’t help but might ruin your application. These and more can damage your application. To start right, check out the post highlighting what you need to know in creating a winning CV.

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Some Things You Need to Know

  • 92% of recruiters reject applicants that made negative social media comments
  • 72% of CVs are ignored if they contained an unprofessional email address
  • Applicants including negative words, including nothing, problem, fault, awful, bad, hate and mistake might not make a good application.

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Tips for Successful CV

Keep these tips in mind to come up with a stunning resume:

  1. Tailor it for your target employer. If you send a generic application, an employer might think that you don’t understand the job or you cannot do it. To avoid it, you should include your abilities, knowledge and skills that answer the needs of the employer as stated in the job posting.
  2. Do not write wild claims. You don’t have to think grand when writing your CV, especially at the expense of putting your reputation at risk. Do not make claims that are not your achievements. Also, don’t write those that you cannot support with evidence, statistics or facts.
  3. Use a good email address. Avoid using stupid or bad email addresses, such as or Choose a professional email address. As a tip if possible, use your name as an email address
  4. Avoid chunks of text. There are subheadings and bullets to make your CV readable and scannable.
  5. Write about the impact you made in your previous job. You don’t just write your knowledge and responsibilities, or simply write your job description. Hiring managers already know about these. Instead, talk about your achievements or ways you helped your previous company.
  6. Avoid keyword stuffing. Just because you want applicant tracking systems to find your CV does not mean you need to crowd your resume or CV with keywords. Otherwise, your CV will look and read unnatural for human readers.
  7. Proofread your application. Check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors in your paper before hitting that send button.

Follow these resume writing tips 2019 and create a winning application that will make your CV more impressive for a potential employer. Target it per application, write based on the job posting and highlight your impact. Finally, grammar check your paper to ensure it is free from mistakes.

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