Follow These 2019 Resume Rules to Get the Desired Interview

However great your interview skills, the first hurdle you have to leap over will always be the resume stage. Submitting a vital document like this can be a stressful time, so next time you’re updating your CV, make sure you’re clued up on the latest 2019 resume rules. You would be well advised to see expert advice on the most recent changes to the way in which resumes are written these days.

Get to Grips with the Rules of Resume Writing

You probably already know a fair bit about the rules of executive resume samples 2019 writing, and if you have been out of the jobs market for a while, you know you could do with a few pointers to get you back up and running. Make the most of the best advice you receive and avoid all the common mistakes that have your competitors struggling for air.

Forbes has come up with plenty of rules you’d be well advised to follow as you begin writing your resume. Whether you need to make that leap to the next pay grade, or you’ve just figured out that you need to stand out from the crowd to succeed, you can surely apply a few of these golden rules to get the job you want.

Three Cardinal Rules

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There are so many things that could go wrong with your resume format 2019 so it’s important to be aware of all the latest trends and rules to follow. These three are absolutely vital if you want to succeed in your search for a new job.

  • Even if you’ve got oodles of experience and more skills than you could possibly ever employ in a single job, you ought to think twice about your resume length. With average attention spans decreasing at a phenomenal rate, you would do best to stick to one page. This is more than enough to get your point across for most job applications and with recruiters looking at each resume for an average of six seconds, you need to get most of your key information in the top third of a single page.
  • An obvious piece of advice has to do with spelling and grammar. If you make blatant errors that even a child could spot, your resume will be thrown straight on the scrap heap. No one wants to hire an employee who appears to be illiterate. As even the most basic word processors now include spelling and grammar analysis, there really is no excuse for sloppy errors. Employers clearly expect you to be able to use simple tools like these, and if it looks like you can’t, then an interview is going to be exceedingly unlikely. If all else fails, get a few trusted friends to examine your resume for mistakes.
  • The third cardinal rule is to make sure you use the right tenses when it comes to explaining your current and past duties. Most people are aware that you should avoid third person pronouns like “he” and “she”. Your resume should be about you, therefore must be as such. Nevertheless, you need to maintain a certain level of distance for professional reasons. Make sure you avoid using first person pronouns like “I”. The easiest way to do this is to write in the first person and then remove the pronouns wherever appropriate.

Now that you’re up to speed with the most significant of the various 2019 resume rules, you can focus on your job search with confidence and a positive outlook. Once you know how to avoid the most common errors, you’ll breeze through the resume stage of the job hunting process. As soon as you’ve gotten that interview you desired, your dream job is just a few steps away.

Make sure you benefit from an awareness of all the 2019 resume rules. Your preferred job is right within your grasp when you know how to write a proper resume.